Past Events 2010-2011

September 2010
Fiona Kendricks – Senior Vice President at Nestle: “Climbing the corporate ladder as professional, female, wife and mother.”

November 2010:  
2.5 hours seminar by Amy Carroll
“The Art & Science of Positive Influence: are you a Predator, Prey or Partner”

December 2010
Christmas Party

January 2011
Michael McKay - Founder & Principal of McKay’s International Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Management and Ann Wood Founder & Director of Effective Business Communication: “How to Present Effectively”

February 2011
AGM and Candlelight Ceremony

March 2011
Dr. Madelon Evers – Founder of Trust your Potential: “Dynamic Feminine Leadership: Walking your Talk”

April 2011
Dr. Elodie Baerlocher – managing partner SaltedMinds: “Affirmative Action: Does it help or hurt women?”

May 2011
Pr. Christian Bauchau - Professor Emeritus, Universities of Lausanne & Geneva
Monique Adamer  - Director, Wealth Management, Wegelin & Co and
Veerle Van Wauwe - founder of Transparence S.A.
“Tears of the Sun: The Power of GOLD”

June 2011
Summer Wine Tasting Event at the Domaine “Les Dames de Hautecour” with Coraline De Wurstemberger