Past Events 2012-2013

December 12th 2013
Sybille Rupprecht, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe

Women in Business – Have we broken the Glass Ceiling?

November 23/24 2013
PEP Personal Empowerment Program, an interactive training program by
Ann Wood and Petya Barraud, with the goal to prepare women for leadership tasks in their professional, social and personal lives.

November 14th 2013

Margareta Barchan, entrepreneur, consultant and former CEO, director on several boards
Sustainability in Practice

October 10th 2013

Julianne Jammers, Senior Director, Head of Business Engagement & Development
World Economic Forum: Its Mission & Its Myth

September 19th 2013

Heather Cairns-Lee, Leadership Development Professional and co-founder of HeidelRose GmbH, a coaching, consulting and venturecapital Partnership
Developing Leadership from the Inside-Out

June 13th 2013
Round Table on Career Transitions
Kathryne Bonvin-Bercel, Consultant, Von Rohr Associates; Geneviève
Bauhofer, Founder & Manager, AZI Innovation Sàrl and past president, Career Women’s Forum;
Marion Aufseeser, author of a self-help guide to your new job
and M.J. Cabanel, Executive Coach

May 7th 2013
Edith Page, communication specialist in green business, clean techs and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Energy in Switzerland after Fukushima

April 11th 2013
Mario Gstrein, Faculty of Economics and Social Science, University of Fribourg,
Best Practices in Project Management

March 14th 2013
AGM BPW Lake Geneva Club & Candlelight Ceremony

February 14th 2013
Sarah Over, Business Development Manager at Radio Frontier
English speaking media in Switzerland: can it survive?

January 17th 2013
Fabienne Ducard & Emmanuelle Derly, founders of the
Anhugar school for intellectually gifted children
how to work with High Potential Individuals (HPI)?

December 6th 2012
Sabine E. Baerlocher, Manager & Owner
Active Relocation (Switzerland) SA
How to improve your Cultural Intelligence 

November 8th 2012
Isabel Mann, Managing Director -
saltedMinds Sàrl 
Is "Human Capital" a capitalist term?

October 11th 2012:
Juliette Sicot-Crevet, Vice President Global Consumer and Marketing Intelligence for the Perfumery Division of
A Passion for Smell and Taste: Innovation at Firmenich"

September 11th 2012
Ingrid Deltenre, Director General of the
European Broadcasting Union

The EBU and the Eurovision