Past Events 2014

9th October 2014
Dr Sanna Fowler, Deputy Director Communications & Development, EPFL
Looking for the Needle in the Haystack – Crowdsourcing Ideas and Talent

18th September 2014
Dr. Susanne Peschke, Psychiatrist & Jungian Analyst
Finding Our Inner Balance: A Playful Workshop to Reflect on Our Own Work-Life Balance

19th June 2014
Barbara Wyssbrod, Director, Federal Training Center, Swiss Civil Service
Vania Keller, Soldier, Swiss Army
The Swiss Military Service: Two Women’s Perspectives

15th May 2014
Meg Jones, ITC Women & Trade Program Manager
BPW & the International Trade Center (ITC): How Two Organizations Work Together to Support and Empower Women

10th April 2014
Suzanne Weeks, Leadership Development Coach
The Many Parts of Me: A Personal Development Workshop

13th March 2014
Susan Goldsworthy, International Executive Coach & Speaker, Award-Winning Leadership Author, and former Olympic finalist.
Choosing Change: The 5 D's for Success

13th February 2014
BPW Lake Geneva Annual General Meeting & Candlelight Ceremony
Honored Guest: Gabriella Canonica, Immediate Past President of BPW International

16th January 2014
Elke Berr, Gemmologist, Lapidary, Jeweller, Stone Hunter, "Avant-garde" Designer and Teacher, Berr & Partners SA, Geneva
The Mystery and Passion of Precious Gems