Past Events 2015

8th December 2015
Ellen Kocher, Founder and Owner of Whealthness
Savvy Strategies for Surviving the Holidays!

3rd November 2015
Branka Zei-Pollerman PhD, Founder and Director of Vox Institute, Geneva
The Rationality Of Emotions – Influencing Skills Revisited

6th October 2015
Julie-Ann Clyma, Athlete and Internationally Qualified Mountain Guide
Risk and Reward: Leadership Perspectives from the Mountain World

8th September 2015
Josephine Byrne-Garelli, Rolle Municipality
How to succeed in Swiss Politics…With an Accent!

11th June 2015
Laura Penn, PhD,, Author
The Art of Effective Public Speaking

28th May 2015
Sefkat Hotin, Senior Legal Counsel, Nestlé Suisse S.A., NIM Switzerland
Creating an Online Business in Switzerland: Key Issues to Tackle and Main Pitfalls to Avoid

12th February 2015
Ivetta Gerasimchuk, Senior researcher, International Institute for Sustainable Development
Katiuscia Fara, consultant on climate and disaster risk management and sustainable development
Saving the World from Itself – An Energetic Talk

22nd January 2015
Chantal Cadorin, Image Consultant, 3C Conseil en image
The Power of Colours: Why Colours Matter