Past Events 2017

5 December 2017
Daniele Castle
Women and Entrepreneurship
Danièle  gave us a wonderful and inspiring speech about Women & Entrepreneurship at a global scale, Swiss level and on a more personal point of view.  We learned about the differences in microentrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and the state of women’s entrepreneurship, as well as about the stages of start-up financing. With authentical passion Danièle shared the reasons why she believes entrepreneurship can be a viable career path for women.

11 November 2017
Andrea Wächtershäuser
Going the distance - tip toe if you must, but take the step!
Andrea inspired us by her speech about challenging yourself and keeping yourself motivated - whether in sports, business or private life.  It’s not always that straight forward and sometimes it’s easy to lose focus and struggle when it all feels like it’s too much or simply not possible. Andrea shared how she approached her first long distance triathlon and how it helped her to reset, switch off if needed, and start with new energy - balancing work and life. She proved that there is some truth in the Ironman slogan: Anything is possible!

3 October 2017
Irina Shurov
Personalised nutritional empowerment as a key element to your true success
In her passionate speech Irina shared with us useful tips how to stay healthy, always be at the peak of the performance and achieve our main goals in life. Based on the most updated evidence in nutrional  and microbiome science we have explored the healthy eating habits are and what tools can be used to improve them. 

5 September 2017
Denyse Drummond-Dunn
Grow your business more profitably with a customer-first strategy
Denyse took us through an action-packed session, highlighting four areas of the business to review to become a Customer Champion, low cosr way to deeply understand the very best customers for one's brands and services, and Five steps one can take tomorrow to immediately start growing your business more profitably. The session was for those who knew their company could be more successful but did not know how to change.

13 June 2017
Judit Kozenkow 
Tackling global challenges: gender bias and women's empowerment 
Judit provided a data-rich presentation about gender bias and we later reflected on what can we do to accelerate the equalising process. Some of the graphs were shocking reminders of what we, as professional women, are dealing with and a reinforcement of the value of organisations like BPW.

9 May 2017 
Intent vs. Impact: how do we become effective communicators? 
Daniela Rusu, founder of Quantum, shared her expertise in communication as a dynamic field where intention creates its own fulfillment. In this interactive group session, Daniela walked us through elements of how to become effective communicators and gave us some practical tools to start changing the way we communicate and our reactions. 

4 April 2017
Build resilience and get ready! 
Alexia Michiels, co-founder and partner of Resilience Institute Europe, took us on a journey through the Resilience Spiral with some practical tips, aimed at strengthening our personal resilience.  We all left with an increased awareness of how to mobilise all our resources: body, heart, mind, and spirit, to help us successfully navigate our way through the many challenges that arise in our lives.

14th March 2017
BPW Lake Geneva Annual General Meeting and Candlelight Ceremony

14th February 2017
Céline Renaud, CEO & Founder of JMC Lutherie invited us to an unforgettable ‘Sound Tasting
We experienced an emotional and musical journey and got a true feeling how sound transforms into music. We  heard music played on 350 year-old spruce wood of the Risoud Forest and enjoyed an amazing and unforgettable moment.

10th January 2017
Debbie Croft & Natalie Wilkins
Effectively Balancing Your Professional and Private Life
Natalie & Deborah took us through an interactive workshop to take the rare step of pressing ‘pause’ long enough for us to re-assess and reflect on what we wanted 2017 to look like. We reflected on what was working well and what was working less well, i.e. What were we tolerating, at a personal &/or professional cost? What were we wishing for?