Past Events 2018

6 February 2018
Anne-Liliand Jorand
Big Data, Analytics and AI to change the world
Anne-Lilian Jorand & her colleague Dessy Anggraeni Kuhlgatz took us through a fascinating topic -looking at some of the examples, the participants have better understood the world of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning and how it can be applied to solve the actual business challenges, in particular in the banking sector. Anne-Liliane has shared her personal journey of entrepreneurship, as she nurtutred the seeds of her idea born from her frustrations with sub-optimal banking process, through to market research and testing, to launching her company DynaMetrics, and its first product "Credit-bilities". 

9 January 2018
Maria de la Hera
A life in luxury
Maria gave us a wonderful speech about the world of luxury and its differences and evolution across the world. Speaking about her career at Bulgari, one of the top global Jewellery leaders, she inspired us with her authenticity, himility and presence, role modeling the  female leadership successful across the borders.