Past Events 2018

11 September 2018
Rosmarie Michel and Monique Siegel
It is never too LATE to make a difference - 50+ years of BPW membership

An inspiring convivial evening bringing together Presidents and members from BPW clubs in Lausanne and Geneva. We were fortunate to host Rosmarie Michel, owner of a traditional family business in her native Zürich, entrepreneur, Vice Chair of Women’s World Banking (WWB) in New York and President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW). It was fascinating to hear Rosmarie's experience with BPW and her advocacy for young women. Quoting founder of BPW Lena Madesin-Phillips, "I strongly advocate promotion of women by women", Rosmarie shared her experience as the President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women stressing the need to be pragmatic, fair and friendly, have a good team and a sense of humour. Her business partner Monique Siegel, co-founder of FemaleShift then shared thoughts about trends that require new solutions and urged women to get involved in creating these new solutions. She also drew on words of inspiration from BPW's founder saying "Let us build together and see what we can make". 

12 June 2018
Sarah Clark
Let's draw...To enrich presentations, share ideas, engage and energise groups

 It was an enjoyable workshop with Sarah Clark - Amazing how she managed to get   all the participants draw without any effort. Full of examples, tips and tricks, and   long reference list - all is there to start drawing to make our presentations engaging   and memorable. What joyful moments we were able to share!

15 May 2018
Myriam Heidelberger
Behind the walls – Why women leaders are important in a male prison

Myriam shared a rich, fascinating presentation with us, talking about successful leadership traits for working in the prison.  Her version of leadership is based on being values-oriented, empowering, inspirational- to staff and the prisoners. Leading change, having a vision for yourself, for others (including prisoners), and adapting to change as every day is so different- were among the key messages." Myriam likes challenges!
We learnt that the Swiss penal system and aim of criminal justice is based on a philosophy that "we produce neighbours". By having women in the workforce, it can help reduce stress, create a more relaxing environment and also helps redefine the order of society for inmates, providing role models and creating the image of diversity.
What motivates Myriam? She loves people and the ability to see the potential in people. Her belief is that the change point for inmates is when they realise that they become responsible and make decisions for themselves.

17 April 2018
Michele Gerber, Veronique Goy Veenhuys and Ann Wood
Advocacy and Representation for women at the highest levels - creating links between local and international initiatives
Chaired by Debbie Croft (Board Member for Communications), panellists Michele Gerber, Veronique Goy Veenhuys and Ann Wood have shared their inspiring personal stories and how the work they do empowers women, leveraging the BPW local and international communities. The key messages that came from the panel were to seek out other BPW groups, put your hands up for attending events/congresses and look to see what task forces align with your passions and strengths to get involved!

6 February 2018
Anne-Liliand Jorand
Big Data, Analytics and AI to change the world
Anne-Lilian Jorand & her colleague Dessy Anggraeni Kuhlgatz took us through a fascinating topic -looking at some of the examples, the participants have better understood the world of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning and how it can be applied to solve the actual business challenges, in particular in the banking sector. Anne-Liliane has shared her personal journey of entrepreneurship, as she nurtutred the seeds of her idea born from her frustrations with sub-optimal banking process, through to market research and testing, to launching her company DynaMetrics, and its first product "Credit-bilities". 

9 January 2018
Maria de la Hera
A life in luxury
Maria gave us a wonderful speech about the world of luxury and its differences and evolution across the world. Speaking about her career at Bulgari, one of the top global Jewellery leaders, she inspired us with her authenticity, himility and presence, role modeling the  female leadership successful across the borders.