Why am I a BPW member

"Think globally, act locally... this is the wonderful atmosphere I enjoy in the BPW-Lake Geneva group. And besides, it helps also businesswise: Getting hints from friends who understand and like what
you do opens doors you never thought they existed."
Christa Muth Ph.D., Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

“I am a member of BPW Lake Geneva since its foundation in January 2010, I  appreciated the concept and the idea of an Anglophone club seemed very clever to me.
I have been working with this wonderful women’s group since then!
I became a board member in March 2011 and  it was one of the best experiences of my Swiss life, it still is.”
Joyce Binder, Secretary of BPW Lake Geneva

"BPW member since 1987, I feel very well in this unique netwok and met with many women with same goals in international congresses (Netherland, Bahamas, Kenya, Italy...), some became friends.  Professionally since I founded my VSE in 1983 (Very Small Enterprise, who became Gesfico when I lost my husband in 2001) I had always great pleasure to work with women, specially during the many years I was President of Geneva Club and UN representative of BPW International at Geneva UN office. Being in a network means to contribute and be active, then no doubt the results are enormeous and YOU are part of the world."
Nicole Piaget, Manager & Owner Gesfico