Membership application process

The registration form has to be submitted to the Board for acceptance. Joining fee has to be paid at application. After positive decision of the Board, a yearly membership invoice will be sent by email. Only members having paid their fees can benefit from the member’s prices. 


One can attend up to 3 events as a non member. After that a member status is compulsory in order to participate.

Registration Form



A member may withdraw from membership by sending a written declaration to the President. The cancellation must be sent at least 30 days prior to the end of a calendar year.


If a BPW member decides to quit her actual club, to join another club, she has to resign by December 31 of the current year (with a one-month notice), and apply to the new club for the next year.
A club transfer within the year can also be done. Fees will have to be paid to the original club (as of January 1st of the year)