June Event


Improv to improve your life

Amy Carroll

This interactive, high-energy workshop introduces principles of improvisation: trust, agreement, collaboration, flexibility, accepting offers. In a safe and relaxed format, participants apply concepts in small and large group exercises.

Be ready to experience moments of delight, enjoyment and surprise as you apply the improv attitude: “Make Your Partner Look Good”. You will leave with greater awareness of how to integrate the principles of improv into your everyday interactions to improve relationships and outcomes.

More information on our speaker:
Amy is a coach, trainer, speaker, author, radio show host and a recovering predator. She specializes in leadership, communication and effectiveness training for multinational clients worldwide. Her extensive understanding of the human psyche, her communication, improvisational theatre philosophy and mediation skills, are her tools of excellence for coaching clients to become more dynamic, honest and effective partners, developing their ability to influence others by creating powerful relationships.