Past Events 2020

Elevate your voice 

Jenna Clarke

This fun, informative, and interactive session allowed us to learn how to go from being a shy introvert to having ease and comfort to speak in public in a variety of situations to varying audiences.

After this session, participants should be able to elevate their voices to be stronger, more authentic, influential, and powerful in a safe and comfortable way. They should see how to use their voice for greater impact at home, in meetings, and to groups of any size. 

Nurture, nutrition and natural remedies for busy women - learning from nature to stay healthy and vibrant

Eva-Maria Martin and Violette Thibaud

Eva-Maria Martin and Violette Thibaut raised our awareness on simple and effective steps we can take to optimise our well-being by learning from nature and using natural remedies, namely how to strengthen and support our immune system with nutrition, supplements, and our lifestyle choices; how to create our own natural pharmacy and first aid kit for home and travel, using familiar plants like lavender, peppermint, wintergreen, oregano, helichrysum, and aloe vera; and how to benefit from Omega 3, essential to balance our neurotransmitters and the hormonal system. Great reminder on how the use of the essence of nature to take care of our physical, emotional and mental needs. 

Business Life during and after COVID-19: understanding the economic environment and useful tools for businesses to thrive

Judit Kozenkow

Judit presented in a very clear and easy to understand way the main economic trends and indicators showing the huge effects of COVID-19 on the global economy, as well as the Swiss reality and how businesses are being supported by government measures. 
And since the topic is so relevant for all of us this actually led to a great discussion during the presentation and over dinner. 
Judit also shared a very interesting online tool allowing us to realize how important it is to have access to correct information. 

How to overcome impostor syndrome to manifest higher self-worth!

Sandrine Larive

Sometimes we feel like a fraud... Paralyzed by the feeling of not being good enough. We fear criticism before we even get started, and believe we'll make a mistake that will obliterate our every effort. Sandrine Larive introduced us to this complex and fascinating topic, explaining the origin of the Impostor Syndrome and why it can be detrimental to our personal and professional life if overwhelming. We understood how the Impostor Syndrome invades our minds and learned a few simple strategies meant to overcome it. reframing what goes in our minds.

How Dual Career Couples can Thrive in Love and Work?

Jennifer Petriglieri

In more than 70% European couples both partners work. But while working couples are the norm, they face a set of unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. How do they decide whose job to relocate for, when it’s OK for one partner to make a risky career change, or who will leave work early to pick up a sick child from school? How can they give family commitments - and each other - their full attention while both of them are working in demanding roles? And when one of them wants to undertake a professional reinvention, what does that mean for the other? Jennifer Petriglieri shared insights from her research on what it takes for working couples to thrive, what's the secret of making two careers and a relationship work over a lifetime, and how working couples can move beyond trade-offs and set up a work and love life that makes both partners thrive. 

Blockchain - just hype or a revolution?

Jacqueline Boella-Decoppet, Meera Raval, Alina Arzumanyan, Clarissa Vale Fernandes, Selena Bellosta Benedetto

Our invited speakers and Blockchain experts accepted the challenge to hold our first virtual event to give an overall view of Blockchain - what is all about and many potential applications, in Financial Services, but also in other industries, such as Life Sciences and Manufacturing, addressing financial security, patents and intellectual property, supply chain...

Addressed topics: Does a block belong to someone or anyone can retrieve data? What would be the difference between public and private blockchains? Why would medical records be in a blockchain? How blockchain is acting in case of malware or ransomware and data copying? Why would one invest in Stablecoins? If selling them is difficult and generates high fees? What drives the bitcoin pricing? What skills do you need to become a minor? What are other uses of blockchain apart from banking? E.G. Health information linked to insurance companies...

Networking to stay visible

Deborah Croft and Maureen Steele

As professional business women, the need to be visible and build our sphere of influence is extremely important to remain credible, current and critical to the success of an organisation.

The danger is we are not investing enough in additional networking - time and/or limiting beliefs are often the obstacle and sometimes we are just unsure about how to approach and structure the conversations we need to have.

Deborah Craft and Maureen Steele showed us the value of networking, fulfilling a basic human desire to connect, belong, and be part of something bigger than ourselves. They involved the audience in an interactive workshop to make us walk through the best practices and start applying some of the techniques immediately, therefore feeling how networking generates a sense of well-being and respect. Maureen and Deborah shared their expertise in effective networking so that you can be more strategic, focused and confident in being visible and overcome the obstacles.

Contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable future. What's your part?

Gemma Corrigan

Our current system of value creation and distribution is broken.  But we have the tools within our grasp to create a much better tomorrow if we have the willpower and courage to use them.
Gemma Corrigan, leading the Sustainable Markets Initiative and a Global Fellow at the World Economic Forum, joined us to share her work, illustrating her talk with real-world examples and showing us that a brighter future is ours to choose. 

She then invited us to brainstorm and discover how we can reduce our environmental and social footprint and expand our impact as individuals, organizations and communities.