Past Events 2021

Truth, lies and your leadership

Prof Jennifer Jordan

Being able to determine if your business counterpart is lying or being truthful is an important and valuable skill for the workplace; detecting deception can often make the difference between success and failure in a negotiation, business deal, or hiring decision. But doing so is not always easy or straightforward. This difficulty is particularly true given that much of the common wisdom on the markers of lying versus truthfulness is often misguided and lacks a foundation in the rich body of research on deceit. Prof Jennifer Jordan conducted a stimulating and interactive session to help us reflect on this important topic including how we think and feel about lying both to others and to ourselves. 

Why are men still winning at work?

Gill Whitty-Collins

Gill sharply addressed the gender equality issue: men may still hold most leadership positions, though research & data prove that businesses are stronger when they have gender equality & diversity at leadership levels. Men are chosen for the majority of the top jobs because decision makers believes they are better, for many invisible, unconscious, unintentional reasons.
But the good news is that once we understand all of the complex dynamics, we can take action against each of them as parents, teachers, employers, managers, media makers, women & men - with interventions that drive equality and leverage the power of diversity.
And gender equality is not just ‘for women’ - we need all genders included & as champions.

Being Human in Digital

Michelle Giuliano

To be connected to others, in many cases to do our jobs, to maintain a personal brand, or to cross a bridge out of isolation during the pandemic, even the most private and introverted among us should have a meaningful online presence. During this session, Michelle kindly explained us how to make the most of our presence online, creating a simple strategy, showing the basics of content creation and personal branding, and overcoming fears. We have learnt how to maximize our positive social media impact, picking the best strategy and choosing the most appropriate digital platforms.