May Event

Seeing is believing. Why role models matter.

Laurie Theurer, Anita Lehmann, Barbara Nigg, 
Alnaaze Nathoo, Katie Hayoz

We know from experience and research how important role models are to growth. Positive role models influence our actions, how we take up leadership and inspire us to reach for aspirational goals. Our interactive event on May 11 offers an opportunity to engage around this topic and discuss how we can be role models whilst continually learning from others. As the development of women is a core value of BPW Lake Geneva, we will discuss how to promote positive role modelling as a community.

We will be joined by the authors of the book;
50 Amazing Swiss Women: True Stories You Should Know About published by Bergli Books in English, German, and French. The book celebrates the diverse accomplishments, struggles, and strengths of 50 Swiss women from the past, present, and from various backgrounds. They are not the 50 “best” Swiss women, but rather a selection of remarkable individuals whose diverse accomplishments, against all odds, prove that Swiss women can do anything! Authors Laurie Theurer, Katie Hayoz, Anita Lehmann, Barbara Nigg, and Alnaaze Nathoo will share how they came to create such a book and discuss why it is important to highlight the accomplishments of Swiss women in today’s world. More information on our speakers to be found here

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18:45 – 19:00 Meet and greet
19:00 – 19:10 Welcome and update
19:10 – 20:30 Presentation