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Benefits of becoming a member of BPW Lake Geneva
At a local level with BPW Lake Geneva you benefit from the preferential members’ rate for our general events; invitations to members-only events; BPW Lake Geneva newsletter; priority access to BPW training; invitations to corporate sponsor events; LinkedIn Group participation; voting right at the BPW Lake Geneva Annual General Meeting. As part of the broader BPW network, you have access to the Swiss-wide BPW Members’ database; international & national conferences; reduced rates for certain national /international events; the knowledge that a significant portion of your membership fee supports the work carried out by BPW as a whole.

Event Participation
Ladies can attend up to 3 events as a non-member. After that, a member status is compulsory in order to participate in future events.

Membership application process
Please send an email to if you would like to receive an application form and apply to become a member. The application form will be submitted to the Board for acceptance. After a positive decision by the Board, a yearly membership fee invoice will be sent by email.

Yearly Fee
Only members having paid their fees can benefit from members' prices for participation at events. If a new member joins after the start of a calendar year, the first year fee will be pro-rated accordingly.

A transfer is possible between BPW clubs through resignation from the original club giving one month’s notice and application to the new club. Specific financial implications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you are already a member of one BPW local club, you may join a second club at a reduced rate.

Yearly Membership Fees in CHF

Your fee supports the work of BPW Switzerland and BPW International
Every local club pays a significant portion of the membership fee to BPW Switzerland in order to support the regional, national, and international work carried out by BPW as a whole. This is currently CHF 192.- for each registered member at the start of each calendar year.

BPW Lake Geneva as 1st club                                              312.-
BPW Lake Geneva as 2nd club                                             100.-
Young BPW (aged 35 years and under)                               192.-

Withdrawal from membership
It is important to note that a member is obliged to withdraw her membership by sending a written notification to the President ( at least 30 days before the end of a calendar year. For example, if you no longer wish to be a member in 2022, your notice of withdrawal must be received by the President by 1st December 2021.

If you require further information or have any questions, please contact: